The Production A-List: Sonny London

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Sonny London
Founded 2007

Principals: Fredrik Bond, Co-Owner & Director; Helen Kenny, Co-Owner & MD; Gabi Kay, Executive Producer & Head of Sales

Newcomer Sonny London has shaped up to be one of the most impressive creative forces on the spot production scene. Former creative Jeff Labbe stepped up his game with the powerful Barnardo's "Break the Cycle" campaign, which earned plenty of awards show attention. He joined Emil Moller and A list director and Sonny director Fredrik Bond in a trio of spots for Levi's. Bond choreographed the escapade for Guinness' "Fridge Magnet," out of Irish International BBDO, and you don't know emotion until you see Moller's Anthem spot for out of Dentsu. Guy Manwaring was especially busy, showing off his range on a paper-cut inspired looker for Surf and resurrecting Mr. T for Snickers and AMV BBDO, Manwaring also benefited from the company's repping deal with Paul Hunter and Kerstin Emhoff's PrettyBird boutique, directing a series of spots for BK and Crispin, starring Tony Stewart and a cast of other goofy characters.

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