The Production A-List: Supply & Demand

Published on .

Founded 2003

Principals: Tim Case, Executive Producer, Managing Partner; Charles Salice, CFO-COO Managing Partner; Kira Cartensen, Executive Producer, Managing Director; Rika Osenberg, Head of Production

Although Supply & Demand parted with some of its most interesting talents last year—Tony Kaye joined Anonymous, while Jose Antonio Prat moved to Tool—the company still turned out some of the year's most talked about work. Veteran agency production honcho-turned-director Greg Popp unreeled the suggestive, and ultra popular Bud Light "Can Confessions," which ranks among's historically most viewed films, and the inventive Jeffrey Plansker was on board for Goodby's info-visualized "Anthem" spot for Sprint's "Now Network" push. On a more touching note, Josh Taft captured the dreams of a dog owner, in Washington Lottery's poignant "Dog" spot.

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