The Production A-List: PrettyBird

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Founded 2007

Principals: Kerstin Emhoff, Co-Founder/President; Paul Hunter, Co-Founder/CEO; Ali Brown, Head of Production; Candice Ouaknine, Head of Music Video/Staff Producer; Jay Foster, Head of Print; Mike Rosen, Development Producer

Roster: Paul Hunter, David Katzenber, Matt Piedmont, Peggy Sirota, Rawson Thurber
[email protected] Directors: Tomas Jonsgarden, Guy Manwaring, Emil Moller, Mattias Montero, Jeff Thomas, Rane Tiukkanen

The ever-surprising Paul Hunter followed Rexona's award-winning "Zoom" with three more spots for the client, out of Ponce Buenos Aires. Although he built his name in music videos, Hunter in the past few years has shaped up to be a comedic heavy hitter. He shot a a new round of "Tiny Hands" spots for BK and Crispin as well as a Dr. Pepper campaign starring some iconic "Doctors." Nevertheless, Hutner's clips skills haven't suffered and came into play on BK's "I Like Square Butts" out of Crispin and Orbit's "Droppin '35 for Energy BBDO. The shop's tie up with Sonny London proved fruitful for Guy Manwaring, who landed a Chex Mix campaign out of McCann and Crispin's "Tony Stewart School of Endorsement" for BK.

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