@radical.media, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Founded 1993

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Principals: Jon Kamen and Frank Scherma, Executive Producers/Partners

Roster: Mathew Brady, Lenny Dorfman, Lasse Hallstrom, Greg Kohs, Barton Landsman, Robert Leacock, Rick LeMoine, Steve Miller, Errol Morris, Frank Todaro, Richard D'Alessio, Peter Darley Miller, Brett Froomer, Antony Hoffman, Dave Meyers, Chris Milk, Nevaldine & Taylor, Gregor Nicholas, Alan White, Jeff Zwart, Stuart Douglas, Jon Hollis, Tarsem, Terry Gilliam, Jeff Darling, Bruce Hunt, Ralf Schmerberg

While the company gained an EVP in Frank Steifel last fall with the acquisition of Steifel & Co, it lost one this year in production stalwart Robert Fernandez as the latter exited to join Moxie. The company continues to put its money and skills where the long form content is, with the Nike Battleground project and an assortment of other ventures in the works, in addition to films like Concert for George, a rock royalty-studded performance for the late Beatle. Spot highlights have included Tarsem's lauded "Elephant Tower" for Pepsi, Ralf Schmerberg's visually arresting HP work, Frank Todaro's Superbowl laffers for Bud and LeMoine and Miller's separate ventures for Mentos and PaperMate. Coming off the festival circuit for his latest feature doc Fog of War, Errol Morris has plunged back into spots with style with the More Fast campaign for Nike. Dave Meyers just won top video at the MTV VMAs, and honors, and a new "music initiative" division promises more mad clips and tune-related ventures. Not bad for a ten year old. Yes, the shop turns ten next month.

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