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Revolver was a big winner on the awards circuit this year, scoring a monster hit with 2009's Pure Waters for James Boag, directed by Steve Rogers. The director and company founder didn't coast in 2010; he scored another hit with Monkey, the beautiful and tragic music video for Ben Lee on behalf of the WWF and Leo Burnett Sydney. Though Roger's next spot was called Cry, it was actually a gut buster for Carlton Breweries' VB through Droga5 Sydney that saw a group of girly men experience a cathartic release in the arms of their mates. Rogers demonstrated a light touch with a more recent spot for Cartlon's Cascade, featuring a brewer with an uncanny "Feel" for beer, and pretty much everything else. He also unleashed the inner child in a group of office workers for McDonald's Playland out of DDB Sydney.
Simon McQuoid continued the lad-centric laughs for the Natural Instinct campaign for Fosters, depicting men harnessing the skills of the Tortoise and Lizard and Chameleon to evade female interference with their drinking.
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