RSA USA, Inc.: Los Angeles, New York, and London, Founded 1986

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Principals: Jules Daly, President, Marjie Abrahams, VP/Executive Producer, Fran McGivern, Executive Producer

Roster: Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Jake Scott, Luke Scott, Jordan Scott, Jim Sonzero, Cark Erik Rinsch, Erick Ifergan, Hype Williams, Laurence Dunmore, Adrian Moat, Peter Bloomfield, Tom Dey, Hugh Johnson, The Malloys, John Schwartzman, Derin Seale, David Slade, Samuel Bayer, Chris Cunningham, Sean Ellis, Angel Garcia, Chris Hartwill [UK], Jeremy Rall, Tim Royes, Luje Scott, Dawn Shadforth, Richie Smyth, Ronnie West, ACNE

After bringing home the Emmy for Nike "Move," Jake Scott performed the Six Million Dollar makeover of the AOL icon. The Malloys did a reality check on beer for Heineken, Laurence Dunmore's gave ING a run for its money, and ACNE aced a Lion-winning round of Shelf Ball for ESPN and W+K/NY. Although the shop is in no shortage of talent, action hero Sam Bayer joined from HSI, and Bryan Farhy, Sean Mullens, and Wayne Holloway came on board as [email protected], from Headquarters' BrandTV.

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