Station Film

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Station's much decorated director Harold Einstein collected more hardware on this year's awards circuit, for Axe's "Clean Your Balls" and Luv's "New Kid." The funny business continued in his 2010 oeuvre, which included spots featuring an aspirational credit guy for Experian, out of the Red Brick Road, Todd, the guy with a Gusher for an eye, and a round of work for Miller High Life that brought the little guys to the Super Bowl and saluted vets, via Saatchi, New York. Sam Cadman went over the top bringing soap opera cheese to the fantastic series The Young and The Connected, for LG out of RKCR/Y&R. David Gray got his comedy on as well, directing Robert DeNiro in "Here Comes the Neighborhood," for the Tribeca Film Festival, and Roger Federer caught with his bag open in "Airport," for Lindt Chocolate. Outside the spots world, Station talent Allen Coulter added to his string of longform successes directing episodes of HBO's Boardwalk Empire.

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