Tool Of North America, Los Angeles and New York, Founded 1995

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Principals: Erich Joiner, President/Director; Phillip Detchmendy, Managing Director; Jennifer Siegel, Executive Producer; Amy Delossa, Head of Production

Roster: Erich Joiner, Tom Routson, Sean Ehringer, Robert Richardson, ASC, Craig Champion, Jonnie Ross, Poiraud, Francois Vogel, Clint Clemens

Advertising this year wouldn't have been half as exciting without Erich Joiner's Miller beer and babes revival that inspired both rants and raves. Joiner also knocked more than just socks off in other spots featuring Evander Holyfield, as well as in offbeat testimonials for Newport Beach Film Festival. Tom Routson, who earned AICP kudos for both humor and talent/performance was as sharp as ever on Earthlink, T-Mobile, and Heineken. Tool recently signed Sam Cadman, one of the creators of Trigger Happy TV, and balanced its comedic edge with French masters Poiraud, who return to spots after completing their wacky sci-fi feature The Return of James Bataille.

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