Tool of North America

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In 2009, Tool quickly transformed from traditional spots shop to a tech-driven, multimedia player, thanks to the addition of digital pros like Carlos Ulloa and Grant Skinner. The benefits of the change were obvious in its 2010 reel, which included Droga5's innovative online game of Keepie Uppie for Puma, which challenged users to keep Maradona in an endless round of kickups, directed/developed by Skinner; the Touching Stories iPad app, which showed off the storytelling possibilities of the device with four interactive tales directed by Geordie Stephens, Erich Joiner, Jason Zada, Sean Ehringer and Tom Routson and Leo Burnett's "David on Demand" social media experiment. And although Tool is now top of mind when it comes to digital creativity, spots clearly are still a strongsuit. Highlights include "Clothing Drive," DDB Chicago's follow-up to "Swear Jar" and RPA's artsy pair of promos for The Newport Beach Film Festival, directed by Erich Joiner, and sweat pants drama for Tide-to-Go ("Give Up Pants") out of Saatchi, New York. And it looks like more interesting things are to come, with new additions to the Tool kit: former Crispin talent Matt Bonin came on board as executive producer, while the creative talents from The Onion signed on to the roster.

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