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Unit9's impressive lineup of projects arguably represents the most diverse body of digital work coming from one shop this year. On the games front, the company teamed with Crispin Porter + Bogusky to develop Xtreme Xrunch Cart for Bolthouse Farms, an iphone app which requires players to chomp into baby carrots before their phone mics to power the game's shopping carts; it was also part of the development team on McCann Erickson London's "Kingmaker," a mobile game/rewards program that brought the game of Fable III to the streets of London. Other major projects include Goodby's Adobe Museum of Digital Media, a virtual showcase for all forms of digital creativity, the site for DDB London and Tribal DDB's "Parallel Lines" effort for Phillips and Guinness' "Bring It To Life" promotion, with AMV BBDO, which leveraged Google Earth technology to let visitors create their own planets. The company was also especially active on in-house projects as well, creating such fun experiments as Wi-Fireworks, which allowed mobile users to explode fireworks on the company's windows and an interactive street game launched during London Internet week challenging players to escape virtual ghosts and evil pumpkins.

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