Villains, Beverly Hills and New York, Founded 1998

By Ti Published on .

Principals: Robin Benson, John Marshal, Jim Giddens

Roster: Douglas Avery, Ken Fox, Larry Frey, Jim Giddens, Phil Joanou, Axel Laubscher, Brett Ratner, Coen Brothers, Robert Altman, Albert Brooks, Terry Rietta

Phil Joanou applied his deft touch to an array of spots for Vanilla Coke, UPS, Nextel, the ballyhooed MSN launch, and, with Larry Frey, the funny Christmas campaign for Amazon out of Wieden. Funny man Douglas Avery also kept busy with loads of beer work - spots for Heineken, Coors and Labatt Blue Light's Less is More campaign. But Villains had to do little else this year to earn its stripes beyond one spot - Parisienne People for Swiss Parisienne Cigarettes, directed by the Coen Brothers. If the thrilling discomfort produced by this tour de force of Coen weirdness is wrong, we don't want to be right.

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