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AMC Enters Scripted Comedy With 'We Hate Paul Revere'

Greenlights Pilot for Series First Reported in Development in 2012

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AMC will make its first foray into scripted comedy, the cable network said Wednesday ahead of its upfront.

The network greenlit the pilot "We Hate Paul Revere," which tells the story of two brothers, Hugh and Ebenezer Moody, and their struggle to find their place and the recognition they believe they deserve as they live in the shadow of history in Colonial Boston.

But the series is taking a long route to the small screen, it seems. The project was reportedly in development as far back as December 2012. It is now set to shoot in the third quarter for consideration to air in 2015.

AMC said it has several other scripted comedies in development as well.

In the unscripted arena, AMC is developing a wrestling project from the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, a show about starting an old-fashioned soda pop company and a look into the life of inmates and employees of the Pierce County Jail in Tacoma, Wash.

AMC also announced the renewal of Kevin Smith's unscripted "Comic Book Men" for a fourth season along with a plan to expand its relationship with Mr. Smith with a late-night talk show, "Hollywood Babble-On." The network is also working with Mr. Smith on the development of a docu-series featuring "Comic Book Men" regular Robert Bruce.

But with "Breaking Bad" over, "Mad Men" about the begin the first half of its final season and "Low Winter Sun" a failure, the network has to concentrate on drama as well. Drama series in development include (working titles):

  • "Area 51," a conspiracy thriller from "The X-Files" creator Chris Carter and an executive producer of "The Walking Dead"
  • "Police State," about a big-box store security guard who is recruited by an NSA-like organization
  • "Kingmakers," based on a French series, follows a former campaign manager forced to get back into politics when his friend and candidate for governor is assassinated
  • "Bombingham," about a 1963 murder in Birmingham, Ala., that resurfaces in modern times
  • "The Sparrow," which tells the story of a Jesuit-led mission to make first contact with an alien race
  • "Jerry's World," which follows a commitment-phobic artist as she moves in with her boyfriend, his daughter and her estranged father, who has early-onset Alzheimer's
  • "Paradise Lost," the story of a group of friends who withdraw from society to create a new, more positive community in which to raise their families.

AMC will host its upfront event for ad buyers Thursday evening.

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