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"The [network] incumbents are already starting to reach out and figure out, 'Gee, how can we harmonize with this explosion of consumer-generated stuff. There are some talented people out there' "

"[The consumer] in the last 10 years spends 15% more time each and every day watching television. So clearly, the TV industry is doing something really, really well. ... We've given our customers exactly what they want"

"[The growth in TV viewing is] undisputed except for one thing. We won't forget that right now we are still riding the crest of the baby boom generation, and we will for another 15 or 20 years. But there are kids who are aged 16 and under today who don't know from television"

"The big change will be with what a media agency looks like in four to five years on the planning side. ... you're going to see a premium put on analytical skill sets, data planning capabilities, and being able to analyze the wealth of these data will really be driving what media planning is about"

"Aggregating a lot of those little ideas into one larger idea is what the game is really about"

"You've got these specialists ... you also have to think like a marketer. Because at the end of the day, it's about selling your product, and how do I give these guys the tools to sell more goods? And so you need to think about it on that basis"
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