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Watch Previews for Fox's New Shows

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One year after ordering 14 projects to series, Fox has picked up just six new shows for the entire 2017-18 campaign. Here are trailers for five -- Fox hasn't released one for "9-1-1," a first-responder drama from Ryan Murphy.

"The Gifted," a family-friendly adventure in an X-Men-esque world, complete with mutants on the run from a frightened government:

"The Resident," Fox's return to the medical-drama genre, which the network promises will "reveal the truth of what really happens, both good and bad, in hospitals across the country":

"The Orville," a "comedic drama" that puts Seth MacFarlane in the captain's chair in a universe very reminiscent of "Star Trek" (or "Galaxy Quest"):

"Ghosted," a paranormal comedy to follow "The Simpsons":

"LA to Vegas," a workplace comedy about Dylan McDermott as a pilot for a cut-rate airline that ferries gamblers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas:

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