Mike Law, 27

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Kike Law knows that you've got to go beyond the 30-second commercial. "The industry is turning away a little bit from the :30," he says. "I think there's another big idea out there." If early signs are any indication, he'll be the guy to find it.

Mr. Law was promoted to supervisor-national broadcast at Carat North America two years ago, making him the agency's youngest-ever broadcast supervisor. "I work on several clients who are very competitive in their categories but may not have the biggest budgets," says the 27-year-old. "I need to make every dollar count. How do I make Adidas look bigger than Nike for a fifth of the budget?"

Last year, when the National Basketball Association shuffled its TV schedule, Mr. Law negotiated a deal for Adidas. The result? Commercials, court signage and much more. The deal helped make Adidas' T-Mac sneaker, endorsed by the NBA's Tracy McGrady, a top seller. "I'm a big believer in brands," says Mr. Law. "I'm not just buying commercials."

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