Nihal Mehta, 28

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"Youth," says upstart wireless marketing expert Nihal Mehta; "it's a hurdle you have to overcome."

Mr. Mehta has been trying, with some success, to overcome not only his own age, now 28, but the uncertainties of the emerging wireless industry. As co-founder and president of Ipsh, a wireless marketing company, Mr. Mehta has spent hours in waiting rooms trying to get marketers-from McDonald's to Madonna-to buy into marketing on cell phones.

Even harder were visits to wireless service providers. "The carriers, they wouldn't give me the time of day," he says. "They'd say, `Who is that kid?' "

Ipsh provides ringtones and other services. It was the first to work on a U.S. McDonald's cross-carrier campaign, "Are you Mac enough?" The company Web site proclaims Ipsh stands for "instant power single-handedly." But Mr. Mehta, once a DJ, says it's actually the sound a record makes when a DJ scratches it.

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