Robert Juster, 27

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FOR AS LONG AS Robert Juster can remember, he's played videogames, and for an equal amount of time, as a Gen Y male, he's been in the crosshairs of the American marketing machinery.

Now, as manager-strategic programming and media marketing at Comcast's G4techTV cable network, Mr. Juster melds those two worlds for brand partners without offending his comrades of the joystick generation.

"He has one foot in gaming and the other in marketing, so he can apply gaming insights to business needs," says Rishi Daing, marketing manager for Pepsi-Cola Co.'s Mountain Dew.

"Each generation grows up more wary of advertising than the previous one," says Mr. Juster, 27. "The key is to find a way of doing it without making people feel like they're being marketed to."

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