Sam Swartz, 27

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Don't be surprised if Life cereal does something with a blimp . That's because Sam Swartz of PepsiCo Beverages & Foods "has a thing" for blimps. He campaigned to use them for Aquafina's first major promotion in 2003.

In reality, two people on the ground did the spotting of winners for that sweepstakes, but "we wanted to cast this impression that blimps were doing the spotting," says Mr. Swartz, 27, opining that airships provided an uncluttered environment and a "sexy aspect."

Now as assistant brand manager on Life, he's working to evolve the "Life is full of surprises" campaign. Mary Dillon, VP-marketing, U.S. Foods, for PepsiCo Beverages & Foods, says, "It's surprising how much strategic ability and intuition Sam has about advertising in particular. In this stage at somebody's career, most people don't have that."

Blimp or no blimp.

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