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Small Agency Pro Bono Campaign of the Year, Gold: 'The Drop a Brick Project'

The Campaign Looks to Fight the Ongoing Drought in California With a Bathroom Joke

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With its home state facing one of its worst droughts in history, the team at San Francisco-based BarrettSF decided to do something about it using bricks and toilets.

The goal? To have people adopt low-flow toilets without spending money on new plumbing. Drawing on an old Australian trick, the team developed a nontoxic rubber brick to mass-produce and sell.

With a budget no greater than the lint in their pockets and a poop joke on the brain, BarrettSF created a multiplatform campaign called "The Drop a Brick Project."

The team wanted to go beyond just an awareness campaign, said Jamie Barrett, creative director and founder of BarrettSF. The campaign consists of an online video, a microsite, an Indiegogo page, extensive PR and corporate partnerships.

"We want to use what we do, which is communicate to the world through words and pictures and advertising in a more socially impactful way," he said.

The brick sold for BarrettSF's 'The Drop a Brick Project'
The brick sold for BarrettSF's 'The Drop a Brick Project'

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