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DirecTV Para Todos: "Bookstore"/"Restaurant"/"Travel Agency" (campaign)

Casanova Pendrill, Irvine, Calif.

Creative director: Favio Ucedo

Copywriter: Juan Oubina

Reality radio meets the old crank-call format in this campaign for Spanish-language satellite TV. The series of ads features a curious consumer calling various kinds of businesses-a bookstore, restaurant and travel agency-asking what seem to be outrageous questions about service and product. He asks the bookstore clerk if he's allowed to buy books in English and Spanish in the same package and quizzes a travel agent whether his plane ticket allows him to ride sitting down.

DirecTV's choice-and-flexibility message comes through loud and clear, and with a good dose of humor supplied by the befuddled employees on the other end of the line. "I don't know where you've gone to eat, but here you have enough variety," answers a jolly waiter, after enduring 20 questions about a Mexican restaurant's menu.

The humor scored high with the judges, but so did the performance and production. And the what-if format brought the message home in a memorable way.

Showtime Networks: "Breakfast"

Bromley Communications, San Antonio

Creative directors: Pablo Buffagni, Luis Elizalde, Hector Prado

Copywriter: Adriana Ramos

Hispanic advertising abounds with parodies of the telenovela format, the overly dramatic soap operas that are the backbone of Spanish-language TV. But this ad for the Showtime cable network uses the parody for a practical purpose.

The ad opens with the typical sounds of a suburban breakfast table, down to the pouring of cereal in a bowl. But reality takes a flyer when the young man at the table-who is obviously not caught up on the plot-is faced with his mother emoting about the milk on his cereal. "That's how you eat cereal," he explains. Cue the swelling music. "That milk was your father's!" is the revelation.

"Are you watching too many novelas?' is the Showtime pitch, and the ad's production gets the tone just right, down to the actors' novela-style names and their overwrought delivery, the script and the organ music in the background.

But most importantly, the commercial uses the genre to make its point. In short, a good idea meets good execution, and the judges appreciated the combination.


DirecTV Para Todos: "Kung Fu"

Casanova Pendrill, Irvine, Calif.

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