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Radio: Public Service/Government

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SCOPC: "El y Yo"

Al Punto Advertising, Tustin, Calif.

Creative director: Eduardo Bottger

Copywriter: Rene Martinez

Public service announcements often use shock value to make their point. So does this spot to promote organ donation, but it hits the listener in a different way.

The ad opens as a young man relates the vital statistics of a man he claims never to have met: their different ages, professions and birthplaces. "We're not relatives or schoolmates or childhood friends," he explains. Then comes the kicker: "Every Sunday I take a flower to his grave and talk to him a good while."

His explanation? "He donated the liver that gives me life today." An announcer further explains the numbers of patients waiting for transplants and sends a call for action: "You can give the gift of life. The Catholic Church and other faiths support this act."

Besides getting the listener's attention, the call for action cleverly works out one of the traditional religious barriers on organ donation.

SCOPC: "Ser Grande"/"El y Yo" (campaign)

Al Punto Advertising, Tustin, Calif.


Florida Anti-Tobacco: "Protection"/"Kids" (campaign)

Del Rivero Messianu DDB, Coral Gables, Fla.

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