Women to Watch 06

Radio: Retail/ Fast-Food

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Pearle Vision Centers: "Gorrion"

Wing Latino, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Creative directors: Claryssa Correa, Osvaldo Vazquez

Copywriter: Alejandro Aguilera

This spot to promote optical services is another variation of the urban legend of the adopted Chihuahua that turned out to be a sewer rat, but the voice talent makes it work as if the idea were brand new. The two voice artists give it a natural pitch that turns the humor up a notch.

"Look girl, the little sparrow I found on the street," says one woman to another. "Mom, that's not a sparrow, that's a bat!" the daughter answers, horrified.

What follows is seconds of hilarious scrambling, screaming and crashing sounds, punctuated by batlike sounds, complete with the two women's voices shouting, "Grab your hair, grab your hair!" and "Get him off me, get him off me!"

The spot is part of a campaign making light of the many misunderstandings that happen due to poor eyesight. But while the other spots were merely amusing, this execution stood out for its humor and the performance and direction that put it over the top.


Decompras.com: "Bienaventurados"

Muse Cordero Chen, Los Angeles

Public Service/ Government

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