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Anheuser-Busch's Bud Light: "Centerfold"

Dieste & Partners, Dallas

Creative directors: Aldo Quevedo, Carlos Tourne

Art director: Jaime Andrade

Copywriter: Alex Duplan

To Anheuser-Busch's credit, the company didn't dismiss "Centerfold" as too kinky to run. This hilarious commercial makes the point in a bizarre but unforgettable way that people will do just about anything to hang onto their Bud Light.

In the commercial, a young man is having a quintessential guy moment. Stocking feet up on the coffee table, sports blaring in the background, he pages through a men's magazine and enjoys a Bud Light.

Disaster strikes when he reaches for his glasses-the better to see the naked women-and knocks his glass over. His instant reaction is to salvage the spilled beer, no matter how stupid that may be. Funneling the beer back into the glass doesn't work too well, so he's licking the liquid off the centerfold when his wife and mother-in-law arrive home.

The two horrified women flee. When they return a moment later, they see him from the back, vigorously rubbing something in front of him. They can't tell he's just drying the magazine with his shirt. They run away. Will these women ever come back? Clearly, the mother-in-law believes her daughter married a pervert.

Initially taken aback, Anheuser-Busch liked the concept so much that it was adapted for the general market. But "Centerfold" is more dramatic and even funnier to a Hispanic audience-the importance of family to Latinos is so well-known that it's one of the stereotypes of Hispanic advertising. Dieste uses that insight in a fresh way, focusing on how utterly awful it is to screw up in front of your family. Especially your mother-in-law. Twice.

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