Women to Watch 06

Television: Alcoholic Beverages

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Miller Brewing Co.'s Miller Lite:

"Apple Pie"

Uno Comunicaciones, Dallas

Creative directors: Tim Murphy, Kevin Sutton

Art director: David Ring

Copywriter: Fedo Casillas

Baseball and Miller Lite are as American as apple pie. Or as Hispanic. "Baseball," one man says happily to the stranger next to him in the stands as the players line up for the national anthem. "Si, el juego mas americano," the other man responds (Spanish for "the most American game"). First guy looks perplexed (a brief moment, but great acting). But this is the payoff: The camera pans along the players' backs, where their names are written-Casilla, Olivar, Castaneda, Munoz ... The tagline is "It's your time. It's Miller Time." A wonderful insight into the reshaping of American popular culture, with an integral role for Miller beer.


Heineken USA: "Chela"

Vidal Partnership, New York

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