Women to Watch 06

Television: Financial Services

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Oriental Group: "Herencia"

EJE Sociedad Publicitaria, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Creative director: Enrique Renta

Copywriter: Veronica Acevedo

A white-haired grandma in black turns on her video camera to tape a final message to her heirs. "Dear children, when you see this, I will no longer be with you," she sadly intones. But then her tone begins to shift: "Of the savings your father left us, I took mine to Oriental and they advised me well. Those pennies are now many."

Now on a roll, she peels off her widow's weeds to reveal a resort outfit. "Don't worry about me. Wherever I am, I will send each and every one of you a postcard," she says, as she gets up, picks up her suitcase and walks off the frame.

When last seen, grandma is getting a rubdown from her masseur while the voice-over explains Oriental is "where your money grows."


State Farm Insurance: "Dashboard"

Del Rivero Messianu DDB, Coral Gables, Fla.

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