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Southwest Airlines: "Reflection"

Dieste & Partners, Dallas

Creative directors: Aldo Quevedo, Roberto Saucedo

Copywriter: Angel La Riva

Southwest gets some mileage for its low fares from a strutting beachgoer who becomes enamored with his reflection on the mirrored windows of a parked car. After he blows himself a kiss, the window rolls down to reveal two bulked-up, overly friendly types who share his enthusiasm.

"Want to fly out of here?" asks the voice-over, and adds a pitch for special fares.

Gay-friendly? Not really. But memorable? Yes.


American Airlines: "Two-Class Soccer"

DDB Worldwide, Dallas

Creative directors: Steve Bassett, Carl Warner

Copywriter: Stu Ogletree

"Coach" takes on a whole other meaning in this spot where soccer players (presumably waiting while 25th in line for takeoff) demonstrate the wider leg room of American's coach cabin seating. They kick, roll and head-butt a ball across the cabin until the shot is intercepted by a flight attendant/goalie on the entrance to first class.

The idea is fun and clever, and the execution no doubt tricky. It shoots, it scores!

Florida Anti-Tobacco: "Protection" (campaign)

Del Rivero Messianu DDB, Coral Gables, Fla.

Creative director: Enrique Faillace

Copywriter: Michelle Eggenberger

This campaign, which also won bronze in radio, is all part of Florida's paid media anti-smoking effort. The stark black-and-white spots feature slightly spooky music that gives a creepy edge to what seem like everyday family moments-dad installing a safety gate, mom and dad in the car, etc.-until the parents are shown smoking.

The title cards compare the number of children who die each year in accidents such as falls, drowning and car accidents to the larger numbers who die from secondhand smoke. The executions and their continuing tagline, "Smoking in front of your children, another form of child abuse"-carried over from last year's campaign-make it an uncomfortable but effective message.

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