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Jenny Cisney

Chief Blogger and Social-Media Manager, Kodak

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YORK, Pa. (AdAge.com) -- Jenny Cisney's personal and professional passions first crossed in 2008, when she became Kodak's chief blogger. The 36-year-old social-media maven had worked at Kodak for 11 years and had been blogging personally since 2000.

Jenny Cisney

"The launch of the Kodak blog was really well-planned, but I knew from the beginning it would work out well. Because in my blogging I never made a secret of the fact that I worked at Kodak, and I always had people asking me questions about it, like 'What kind of camera do you use?'" she said.

She began her career working on the Kodak website, and moved up through the digital ranks to take on the initial part-time Kodak blogger role in 2006. She became the full-time chief blogger in 2008 and only a short time later added the title of social-media manager. Now she not only blogs, she also Twitters for Kodak (@kodakcb) where she has more than 7,500 followers, and runs Kodak's Facebook fan page, YouTube video channel and Flickr photo pages. With her multitude of contact points, she jokes that she is likely one of the easiest people to reach at Kodak.

"Monitoring, listening and responding are the largest roles I have," she said. She's not only doing that for consumers online but also feeding public insights back to the right people and places within Kodak.

Ms. Cisney has a double-major bachelor's degree in communications and fine arts, as well as a master's in computer graphic design. While that's not a traditional marketing background, it is an ideal combination for what she does.

Her boss, Kodak Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey Hayzlett, said in an e-mail interview, "She has the right skill mix and a tremendous passion for the ways that photography and imaging play a central role in our lives. ... And when I need answers fast, Jenny is one of my go-to people."

In fact, she taught Mr. Hayzlett -- also an avid social-media user -- how to use Twitter.

Ms. Cisney said she thinks her biggest upcoming challenge will be service and support through social media. It's something she is already working on with Kodak.

"People don't necessarily want to pick up the phone and ask questions anymore. Instead they'll seek us out from wherever they are," she said. "Today, you can't expect everyone to come to you. We have to go where they are."

Mr. Hayzlett predicted, "Social media will change in ways we can't even dream about today, and it is people like Jenny who will lead us there."

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