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Women to Watch: Carole Hart, Time Warner Cable Media, East Region

Senior VP

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Carole Hart, a 24-year veteran of Time Warner Cable, has moved up the ranks at the multiple-system operator with persistence and tenacity. She began as an account

Carole Hart
Carole Hart
executive in Raleigh, N.C. and now oversees ad sales for 11 East Coast divisions and manages more than 500 account executives.

Her drive to succeed was evident from a young age. "My first job out of college was at a small cable company selling cable door-to-door," Ms. Hart said. "In order to improve my numbers, I had someone teach me how to install cable myself so ... I could say, "You can be watching this movie in 20 minutes.' "

That can-do attitude has allowed Ms. Hart to help make Time Warner Cable a preferred media partner for advertisers in a crowded marketplace. She simplifies TWC's integrated solutions and devises marketing strategies with clients that meet their goals.

"We are now able to leverage information about what makes something successful in one market to use in another market," Ms. Hart said. "We become the experts for our clients to identify business trends and develop a rich relationship, as opposed to selling a schedule based on efficiencies."

Give us one fact about yourself that will surprise people.
I am a data geek. You don't typically associate someone in sales as being data-driven, but I believe being grounded in facts helps you take calculated risks.

Knowing what you know now, what career advice would you have given yourself when you were starting out?
Always be intentional, whether that 's regarding moves in your career or defining goals and objectives for meetings.

If I wasn't doing this job, I'd be ...
A coach or doing sports management. I love sports. I love teaching and watching others grow, and I love the strategy piece necessary for the planning and the unpredictability of outcome.

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