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Women to Watch: Molly Peck, General Motors Co.

Director of Advertising & Sales Promotion

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Molly Peck's real name is Margaret -- so named by her father, an attorney, who was so sure his daughter would follow in his jurisprudence footsteps that he gave her what he thought was a lawyerly name.

Molly Peck
Molly Peck

Instead, she went into marketing. And, she said, the professions are not that dissimilar.

"Look, we're both trying to convince people of something, right?" said General Motors Co.'s director of Cadillac advertising and sales promotion.

These days, Ms. Peck does most of her convincing through social media and online advertising and when Ms. Peck launches Cadillac's new ATS compact luxury vehicle later this summer, social media will be a heavy component.

"In the past, you've planned your print, your broadcast, some digital, and everything ladders up to the campaign," she said. "This time, we're approaching it as content creation. ... And it's not driven by a storyboard, it's driven by the story."

Ms. Peck said her goal is to tell a narrative of the ATS. "The strategy might change, but not the brand objective," she said.

What career advice would you have given yourself when starting out?
You can learn something from everybody you talk to. Listen. Get in tune with your customer. See everything from the customer's point of view.

What is your favorite book?
Anything I'm reading currently is my favorite book. I burn through books. I'm the type of person [who stays] up until 4 a.m. reading.

If I wasn't doing this job, I'd be ...
[Practicing] law. For sure, I would be a lawyer.

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