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Women to Watch Roundtable Video: Part 2

Millennials, Purpose and the Responsibility to 'Just Say No'

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"I'm not a millennial, but I want what they want."

That was Lisa Mann, founder-CEO of boutique advisory firm Think Marketing, speaking at Ad Age's Women to Watch roundtable last month. The sentiment was echoed by many on the panel, who in this second installment of our video discussed how millennials get a bad rap, when actually they reflect universal values.

"The younger generation has helped us understand the importance of fluidity and how to be fluid in how they balance personal and professional success," said Lisa Donohue, global president, Starcom Worldwide and CEO of Starcom USA.

Millennials, the panel agreed, have also also helped push the importance of purpose, which is now a key component of marketing, and a draw for employees of all ages.

Last, the group talked about the duty female marketing execs have to oppose objectification of women in ad campaigns, or as Cindy Chen, Mondelez global head of e-commerce ventures, put it, "just say no.'"

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