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Consultancy Blue Fusion surveyed 600 members of its youth panel last May for this Special Report. Respondents to the e-mail survey were 16-24 years old. Some highlights:

* 75% have a job, while 56% still get money from their parents (an average $55 a week from the folks).

* Average weekly income is $251.25.

* 90% said they like to get information on new products from their peers, indicating the power of word-of-mouth-82% cited peers' opinions as at least somewhat important in influencing purchasing decisions.

* 82% like to receive product samples.

* 71% prefer that an ad be funny, while 21% prefer that it be sexy-73% said that ads are at least somewhat influential in their purchasing decisions.

* 49% pay attention to what company/brand sponsors an event.

* 37% pay attention to what brands are featured in the content of their favorite TV shows.

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