The 2009 Agency Producers: Kate Morrison

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Kate Morrison
Kate Morrison
Kate Morrison was born in New York to English parents and got her first job in advertising after moving to Amsterdam "on a lark." All that globetrotting must have come in handy when she helped produce (alongside veteran producer Tony Stearns) Adidas' ambitious 2007 brand campaign, which featured 24 athletes from around the world telling their stories through paintings and drawings. "It was fairly epic in its scale," Morrison says. "We were all over the place. We shot first in Los Angeles. Then we shot in London. Then Madrid. Then back to L.A., and then to Shanghai." The pressure and pace are part of what Morrison, 27, says she likes about producing. She joined 180/Amsterdam straight out of college—when she was looking for a job that merged her interests in creativity and business—and has been there ever since, although she migrated to the L.A. office in March. Since then, she's produced new spots for Adidas (featuring Reggie Bush), Boost Mobile (with director Chris Smith), and Sony VAIO (with Motion Theory providing the Blu-Ray devouring TVs).

In addition to the logistical demands of the job—to avoid rush hour, she once chartered a boat on the Thames to deliver the New Zealand national rugby team to a shoot in London—she says she likes determining how to bring a vision to life. "[That's] when you're working with the creatives to figure out, how should we approach this idea? That's a little bit more conceptual, and that allows you as a producer—as well as the creatives—a little bit of exercise on that side of your brain. It's a nice balance." As for her reel, it's still the Adidas art campaign that stands out, even for her. "I don't think you get many campaigns like that," she says. "It was really amazing to be able to make work that was that inspirational. I think that they're really beautiful stories, which adds something when you're logging those sorts of hours and days."

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