Directing 101: The 2009 Directors Special Report

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Fifteen top directors share some hard-learned lessons about the job and tell us what they wish they had known when they were starting out. We also present our annual Directors Roundtable, starring a lively crew who delved into everything from the recession and schadenfraude to going from small screen to big screen—and back again.

The Directors Roundtable

Additionally, the magic of video allows us to bring you into the summit meeting itself; we compiled clips of the roundtable crew talking about crucial issues and present four of them here. Stay tuned throughout the week for more video excerpts.

The Recession
Do you want to know who you're bidding on jobs against?
Passing and Losing Jobs
Are the Boards Changing?
Treatments, Part 1
Treatments, Part 2
Boxing Directors
The Democratization of Technology
Viral Fever
Jake and the Family Scott

Don't forget to delve into the individual profiles and collect some wisdom:

Dougal Wilson, Blink and Furlined
Jeff Labbe, Sonny London
Chris Smith, Smuggler
Mathew Cullen, Motion Theory
Jake Scott, RSA Films
Dayton/Faris, Bob Industries
Peter Thwaites, Gorgeous and [email protected] Content
Bryan Buckley, Hungry Man
Paul Hunter, Prettybird
Smith & Foulkes, Nexus
Lance Acord, Park Pictures
The Perlorian Brothers, Furlined
Daniel Kleinman, Rattling Stick
Traktor, Partizan
Dante Ariola, MJZ

And that's not all!

Several of our directors have decided to lend even more insight into their creative process, so we're presenting some very special Breakdowns over the next few days:

Dante Ariola Breaks Down The Ladders 'Little Creatures'
Smith & Foulkes Break Down Coca-Cola 'Avatar'
Paul Hunter Breaks Down Rexona 'Zoom'
Lance Acord Breaks Down Acura 'Motion'
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