Directors' Hidden Talents: Fredrik Bond

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Fredrik Bond
Here's my secret:
I'm a male model. Sort of. I used to be the poster boy for the iconic nerdish Swedish fashion brand, Fjällräven. The campaign was a huge hit, all through the '80s, and the brand's red bags were carried by entire nations of young über nerds (at least in Norway, Sweden and Finland). The ad was printed on the back of most issues of the monthly comic The Phantom. I thought I was Mr. Popular in school. Pimple-faced girls flocked around me, teachers laughed at my jokes—at least in my mind. Simply put, life was good.

But over the years the broad mainstream attention leveled out. So did the pimple-faced girls and the laughter. The campaign fell into the shadows. Today, my life is good, it's great, as a matter of fact. But. . . it would be a dream come true if Fjällräven picked up the campaign again.

Unfortunately the young man on the original picture would not return my calls. So me and my geezer Casey recreated the entire fashion shoot in downtown L.A.—for free.

And good God, are those clothes comfortable! I'm sitting in them right now. I know Casey sleeps in them most nights.

My friends tell me that I need to vary my clothing style a little, but honestly, I've never really cared that much for fashion or clothes in general. Maybe it's because I was introduced to the very best at an early age. I never looked back.

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