Directors' Hidden Talents: Noam Murro

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Noam Murro
I have had the chance to tap yet another creative outlet... acting. Why? When I am on set or on stage, I feel free, complete, alive. I love everything about my craft—the heft of the costumes on my body, the heat of the lights on my face, the smell of the make-up on my skin, the tension backstage, the addictive synergy we have as artists, the silence as the curtain goes up, the adoration of my fans, and, of course, the women. If you have read my résumé, then you know I have done some decent work. So, if you're ever out in the San Fernando Valley or down in the South Bay around 8PM, a curtain is probably going up or a camera is beginning to roll, on one of my myriad productions. You really should come by.

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