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Think of collective The Glue Society, as it nears its ten-year anniversary, as a Kraken of sorts. Each arm, be it writer, director, designer or T-shirt maker, contributes to the pulsing creative beast, pulling in projects and devouring them with its hook-like beak. Lately there's been much to plunder. Commercially, BBH/N.Y.'s "Gamekillers" for Axe Dry tackled the longform world, as did earlier projects like Burger King's "Chicken Fight." A mini-budget campaign took an unconventional approach to promoting Australian TV show Tracer's War on Everything with some clever outdoor work in far off places like Slovakia, Reykjavik and Baghdad as well as a web video countdown, resulting in a massive media reach for the cost of one Sydney billboard.

This, of course, doesn't take into account the team's dozens of "traditional" commercials and print campaigns as well as its personal art projects, like a melting ice cream van sculpture on the Aussie seaside that got beachgoers and the worldwide news media talking, leading to more art pursuits. There's more television on the way too, and Gary Freedman (seen here), the nine-member society's go-to director, based in New York, is spearheading two new series (currently un-branded). "Besides commercials, there are a lot of other areas we're developing," he says. "Primarily, you're working as a hired director for an agency, which is great when there's a great script and it's a nice collaborative process. But in some instances it's very rewarding when there's another person in The Glue Society that's bringing something else to it, as a designer or a writer, because one feeds off of another and the concept can evolve in a very natural, organic way, as the execution unfolds. That more contained creative unit of people, in all its aspects, is very unusual in advertising. It's quite a rare pleasure." (NP)
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