Jeremy Fish Photography and Illustration 2007

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"Buck You"
A turtle with a camper van shell, a hotdog skateboard, deer with big hands for antlers, and skulls fashioned into everything from cars to clothing—not to mention his signature "silly pink bunnies"—populate the whimsical world of 32-year-old Jeremy Fish. Fish, who grew up in upstate New York and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute (he's been based in S.F. ever since), initially applied his visions to Think skateboards, which led to a regular art feature in Slap magazine called "The Big Stupid." Years later, his work is still wildly popular in the skateboarding world, but his reach has expanded to gallery shows, furniture, vinyl toys and a variety of commercial projects.
"The Last Train"
The work itself has a surreal, folkloric feel, blending a modern style with a feel for storytelling, like a cross between Dr. Seuss and the Brothers Grimm. Fish counts "old cartoons, skateboard graphics, old graffiti, tattoos, watching the news and eavesdropping" among his influences. "It really fuels me to try out all sorts of projects," he says of his penchant for a multitude of media and surfaces. "Some work better than others, but I can't just stick to one process or product, it gets stale for me." His commercial portfolio includes clients like Scion, Microsoft and adidas, and last year Fish was among a group of artists tapped to design signature versions of Nike SB Classics.

Another 2006 commercial project of note was his collaboration with rapper Aesop Rock
The Next Best Thing
The Next Best Thing
on a record/picture book called The Next Best Thing. This led Fish to create a music video that will push his work into its next frontier—animation. Since his style is so heavily informed by the images of his youth, Fish wants to bring his work full circle, and he's pretty confident that today's youngsters can handle his bizarre universe. "I want to do something for kids," he says. "They're the toughest critics, and today's kids are pretty fucked up."
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