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The big news for Jim Jenkins in 2007 is that after six years at Hungry Man he's given himself a transfusion—in March, he and producer Ralph Laucella left the shop to open their own production company, O Positive. Why go it alone? As he told Creativity at the time, he simply wants "his own great company." Regarding the origins of his new outfit's name, "I could say it's the only thing that Ralph and I have in common—blood type," he noted. "But we just like the sound of it. The real meaning of the name will be the one that we give it through our approach to the work," which is positively not about one ego at the helm. "I'm not in any rush to add directors just yet, but I've stayed consistent in continuing to work very collaboratively with teams, and my plan for O Positive is to do that with a small group of directors who work the way I work—everything is open and everyone makes everyone else better. So a collaborative attitude is a must for anyone we bring in. That, and fresh breath."

Jenkins' directing style, once he's cleared the set of halitosis sufferers, is "to keep things loose but stay really methodical about editorial coverage. One thing I obsess about is making sure that there are always options for the edit—endings in particular. I want the editor to always have the freedom to throw something out in favor of something better." In addition, Jenkins' reliably nutty comedy style continues to expand to embrace what he calls "a more visual direction," exemplified in recent spots for And1, NPR and an in-cinema action piece for Sony and BBH/London. "They aren't the hard laughs of Nextel's 'Dance Party,' and they're not intended to be," he says. Instead, they achieve a balance of "subtle humor and visual scale." (TK)
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