Krallman Plays to Win

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Let's slip into something a little more uncomfortable, shall we? One can only try to imagine the thoughts simmering in the head of Randy Krallman, who, coming off the high of Droga5's Cyber Grand Prix-winning "Still Free" for Ecko, upped the ante with more weird, wonderful work—the kind that makes you feel funny and queasy but really happy and excited all at the same time. Another turn with D5 resulted in a multi-spot proposition from Steinlager beer; there was also an intimate sports moment, if wrestling can be considered a sport, for Old Spice, and what we would deem the director's—and Starburst's—best work of the year so far—a spot starring a rosy cheeked man-boy with a pageboy who steps off the bus to dance hard for his berries and cream. (AD)

What does this photograph say about you as a person?

1) I like fun things 2) I have good core strength 3) Give me a few Splenda mojitos and I'm down for anything.

As a director?

See above.

Besides Twister, what turns you on creatively?

I'm an unabashed humanist. I'm not above nerding out on lenses and camera moves and the other aspects of storytelling, but shaping characters and working with actors are always the most entertaining things for me. When I get a script I'm always trying to anchor the idea around a real person, even with the most absurd ideas. The little behavioral nuances that happen when people interact—that stuff never gets old to me. A well-timed sigh or nervous tic can be more funny than any joke.

How has the job changed since you first started directing?

It's a lot more fun than it was a year ago. There's a lot of anxiety about fucking up when you're starting out—for good reason—there are dozens of ways to ruin a good idea. Bad blocking, bad angles, bad casting, bad timing, etc. But you do your homework to avoid those things and eventually it becomes instinctual so you don't have to waste a bunch of time wringing your hands about every decision and you can focus on the important things.
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