Kris Wixom and Alisa Sengel Wixom

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Kris Wixom and Alisa Sengel Wixom
Kris Wixom and Alisa Sengel Wixom Credit: Rob Baird

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Previous Agencies: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Fallon, BBH, N.Y.
Recent Projects: Skittles "Transplant," Levi's "First Time"
Career Landmarks: Brawny Academy, Budweiser's Rejected Ads, Garmin "Maposaurus"

What was your biggest challenge in the last year?
It's been a challenge to have to follow all the amazing Skittles work. It's literally some of the most beloved work in history, and there was so much pressure, we had to remind ourselves it's just brightly colored little candy—it's going to be okay. But that didn't really work either, so we were pretty much stress cases for the better part of two months.

What are you looking forward to, work-wise?
We're working on a new project for Absolut. It's such a historically creative brand, but a completely different tone from Skittles or anything else we've ever worked on, so it's exciting for us. Plus it's booze, which is always fun.

What are you excited about in the wider world of creativity?
The fact that we live in New York. There's a crazy woman who puts up a new installation with Barbie dolls everyday in the plant bed in front of our apartment. Some days, she'll do a meditative theme with a reflecting pool lined with aluminum foil and, other days, a topless beach party. Where else can you get that kind of inspiration?

What are you most inspired by?
Music, movies, and the eternal wisdom of Kenny Powers.
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