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They both like dogs. They both likes to shoot movies. And no one's complaining that these masters of cinematography now both call their own shots as directors, aside from, maybe Mike Mills, Dayton/Faris, Spike Jonze and Mark Romanek—for whom they've DP'd films like Being John Malkovich, Thumbsucker, Lost in Translation, and scads of seminal music videos and commercials, from Jay-Z's 99 Problems and Fat Boy Slim's Weapon of Choice to VW's "Milky Way" and "Bubble Boy." Acord, an established top tier talent who's been directing for about a decade, recently completed photography for Where the Wild Things Are with Jonze, and made an impressive return to spots on Travelers' "Risk," while Baca-Asay last year made an elegant debut on work for Nike and Nissan. (AD)

Lance Acord: Joaquin's work has always managed to transcend any label one could attach to a specific style. He has a sophisticated approach to creating and lighting images that while reductionist are still amazingly beautiful. His new Nike commercial for South Africa is an amazing example. Joaquin gaffed some of my first big jobs when I was starting out as a DP in New York. I came from a stills background and working with him taught me about lighting bigger sets. He introduced me to a whole community of New York crew people. We did Salt-N-Pepa's "Whatta Man" music video together.

Joaquin Baca-Asay: I think Lance and I both appreciate a slightly unburnished aesthetic. I can't tell if we are similar in personality, which means we probably are. I worked as his gaffer when we were both starting in the business. Lance introduced me to Roman Coppola, who introduced me to Mike Mills, who took me with him when he became a successful director. Several years later Lance and his EP, Jackie Bisbee, asked me to join their company and direct the Nike "Endure" and "Defy" spots. Also, I've always found Lance's feature work to be very inspiring. From Buffalo 66, to Marie Antoinette, his work always gets me to see in a new way.
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