Production Company Report: The List, Outsider-Stink

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(* denotes new addition)

Founded 1997
Roster: Bart Timmer, Elaine Constantine, Henry Littlechild, James Rouse, Jorn Threlfall, Ric Cantor (UK) Bart Timmer, Brendon Norman-Ross, dom & nic, Elaine Constantine, Henry Littlechild, James Rouse, Johan Gulbranson, Jorn Threlfall, Michael Wong, Nico & Martin, Pedro Romhanyi, Ric Cantor, Russell England, Scott Lyon
Principals: (U.S.) Robert Campbell, Don Block, Rich Carter; (U.K.) Robert Campbell

James Rouse made it hard to ignore Outsider when he busted out of the viral pigeonhole on 72andSunny's heartfelt Discovery Channel spot, featuring everyday folks and the channel's cast of spokescharacters breaking out into song, and on the agency's Turning Spanish spot for Nike. He also got an average schlub to channel Jennifer Beals in a danceathon for Kia. U.K. standouts came from Scott Lyon, who shot the glorious rhythms of routine for VW's Enjoy the Everday, which earned him a spot in Saatchi's New Directors lineup, while earlier, Bart Timmer shot a sticky acupuncturist situation for Centraal Beheer.

Founded 2004
Roster: Francois Vogel, Thierry Poiraud, Oliver Gondry, The Vikings, Marc Wilkins, Edouard Salier, Nicole McDonald, Phil Traill, Sophie Gateauu, Mato Atom, Nieto, Tobias Perse, Romain Segaud*
Principals: Claude Letessier, Phillip Detchmendy, EPs/Partners; Cathleen O'Conor, Head of Production

Multi-tasking talents The Vikings, coming off their award-winning run with Wind for Epuron, literally launched BMW into longform territory, masterminding The Ramp, an online short film about a small town trying to get on a map with a massive stunt for the new BMW 1 series. Meanwhile, Olivier Gondry's artistry yielded the cut paper beaut Vineyard, for Beringer as well as the fun "Live, Run" spot for Nike. The eclectic Francois Vogel brought his magic to Sharp Aquos, Wii Fit and the stop motion "After the Rain" clip for Little Dragon, while Marc Wilkins & Nieto transformed visual stills into a fantastic new light dazzler for Sprint. The company also joined forces with Thomas Thomas Films in the U.K., while it bumped up its visual expertise with the addition of a new post production studio, allowing Paranoid to finish and do 2D effects in-house.

Park Pictures
Founded 1998
Roster: Lance Acord, Joaquin Baca-Asay, Joachim Back, Albert Kodagolian, Alison Maclean,Chris Sargent*, Jake Schreier,Carter Smith, Benzo Theodore*
Principals: Jacqueline Kelman Bisbee, EP/Owner; Lance Acord, Director/Owner

The past 12 months proved another breakout year for Park. While co-founder/director Lance Acord busied himself on photography for Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, he remained in the spots spotlight, directing for Lexus, Garmin, Toyota, Nokia and Pedigree. Fellow director/dp Joachin Baca-Asay had a stellar sophomore year on more work for Nike and shooting saints for Net10's evil cellphone company campaign, out of Droga5. Park has also proved to be a fertile breeding ground for younger talents. Jake Schreier directed a slew of work for Reebok and new signing Benzo Theodore, the brains behind Cutwater's Sunglass Catch for Ray-Ban and Levi's "Jumping into Jeans" is onto his first TV campaign for Lexus.

Founded 1986
Roster: (Commercial): Leslie Ali, Agust Baldursson, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Ben & Greg, Patrik Bergh, Nico Beyer, Chris Cairns, Lisa Cholodenko, Eric Coignoux, Alex Courtes, Quentin Dupieux, The Elvis, Martin Fougerol, Raphael Frydman, David Gaddie, Paul Goldman,Michel Gondry, Michael Gracey & Pete Commins,Thomas Hilland, Matthias Hoene, Lian Hong, Jim Hosking, Barney Howells, Warren Kushner*, Gilles Leliouche, Eric Lynne, Dominic Murphy, Doug Nichol, Nagi Noda, Ace Norton, Numero 6, Raf Wathion, Ramon & Pedro, Regis Roinsard, Seth & Bobby, Stephen Shore, Traktor, Pierre Winther; (Music Video) Philip Andelman, Associates in Science, Casseus, Chris Cairns, Lisa Cholodenko, Alex Courtes, Martin Fougerol, Michel Gondry, Andrew Gura, Alma Har'el, Honey, Matthias Hoene, Kinga Burza, Neon, Doug Nichol, Nagi Noda, Ace Norton, Mike Piscitelli, Ramon & Pedro, Rozan & Schmeltz, Cat Solen, Traktor
Principals: George Bermann, Founder; Sheila Stepanek, CEO

Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind became more of a culture/art event, when its launch involved everything from YouTube Promos to an art installation at N.Y.'s Deitch Projects. He also applied his art (less fruitfully, we think) on a Cutwater Motorola effort that never ran. His inventive colleagues Nagi Noda conceived a misty universe for BBH/N.Y., on LG's World of Steam, Thomas Hilland brought a computer desktop to the real world for a VW U.K. launch, while Antoine Bardou-Jacquet's imagination soared on spots for Honda and Visa. Traktor returned to its roots on Jokk Juice, T Mobile and Mini but showed off its big production chops on eBay and GE.

Founded 1992
Roster: Satit Kalawantavanich, Thanonchai Sornsriwichai, Ketchai Praponsilp, Numthong Thongyai NaAyudhaya, Prasertsook Thawilvejjakul, Kanin Chandrasama, Thanyarak Phanvilai, Binn Kitcachonpong, Araya Suriharn, Surapong Ploensang, Chaw Khanawutikarn*, Rong Soralamp*
Principals: Satit Kalawantavanich, President/Director; Yodphet Sudsawad, MD; Boonkiet Korsanan, Financial Director; Sumalee Tantrapongsothorn, EP

Phenomena upheld its place in the international spotlight with another year of wacky work. The Thai heavyweight took a spot on the list of Palme D'or contenders this year, thanks to funnyman awards collector Thanonchai Sornrivichai, who shot the D7 Coffee Wake Up Thailand campaign starring shady types shocked into fessing up their sins, as well as more silliness for patrons Bankgok Insurance and Smooth-E.

Founded 2000
Roster: Psyop works as a creative collective; (Blacklist) Panda Panther, Cisma, Against All Odds, Pistachios, Holbrooks*, Nanospore
Principals: Justin Booth-Clibborn, CEO; Tom Boyle, CFO; Neysa Horsburgh*, Managing Director (L.A.); Adina Sales, Blacklist EP Marco Spier, Kylie Matulick, Marie Hyon, Eben Mears, Todd Mueller, Founders/CDs; Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Laurent Ledru, CDs/L.A.

Psyop made huge news earlier this year going public via a multimillion dollar "reverse merger" with Israeli-based acquisitions company Fortissimo. It also expanded and bolstered the troops, signing former MDC Partners VP/Finance Tom Boyle and launching an L.A. outpost, manned by Method vets Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Laurent Ledru and Neysa Horsburgh. After its "Happiness Factory" run, Psyop went on to produce more luscious visual fruit for Orangina, Haagen- Dazs, HP and Guinness and took an elegant, painterly approach to a four-spot adidas Olympics campaign for TBWA China. The company also put the finishing touches to Anomaly's music driven celebration for Converse, directing the My Drive Thru track, and the multimedia Blacklisters were all over FUSE and sequences for the film American Teen.

Rattling Stick
Founded 2006
Roster: Daniel Kleinman, Ringan Ledwidge, Ivan Bird, Andy Mcleod, Steve Cope, Tom Vaughn Principals: Johny Frankel, President; Camilla Wood, Head of Marketing; Daniel Kleinman and Ringan Ledwidge, Directors/Founders; Sally Humphries, Kirsty Dye, Ohna Falby, Kate Martin, Producers

The noise level coming from Rattling Stick has only gone up since the company's launch two years ago. Judges bandied about Daniel Kleinman's Stork for as a contender for this year's Grand Prix. The stalwart director also brought his talents to bear on a creepy Specsavers ad, and woke the city up for Nissan and the sea, for Smirnoff. Ringan Ledwidge earned one of this year's Creativity Awards for Levi's Dangerous Liaisons and accomplished a genius feat unearthing a Thunderbirds puppet and Butabi brothers anthem "Rhythm is a Dancer" for Britivic. He can do poignant too, as on a touching spot for Orange, in which a town rallies in reverse to reunite a woman with her lover.

Founded 2005
Roster: Armando Bo, Luciano Podcaminsky, Luciano Urbani, Baby, Doble Nelson
Principals: Patricio Alvarez Casado, EP; Axel Linari, Production Director; Jorge Larrain, Mariano Avellaneda, Producers; Liz Campi, Production Coordinator

Rebolucion saw another year of earthshaking work from the likes of Armando Bo, who registered at least a 7.0 on the creative Richter scale with Axe Quake, Coke Beard, and sports fan stories for Rexona. The talent we like to refer to as "The Pod," Luciano Podcaminsky, was just as volatile, shooting a ridiculous cast of characters and solving Panda conjugal problems for Santo and Telecom Arnet. Baby lived up to its name, on an in utero evolution for Huggies while Doble Nelson promoted Coke Zero with a freaky clown barfer.

RSA Films
Founded 1967
Roster: Acne, Jonas Akerlund, Lena Beug, Neill Blomkamp, Joe Carnahan, Tom Dey, Ben Dickinson, Duplass Brothers, Lauri Faggioni, Adam Goldstein, Hugh Johnson, Melina, John O'Hagan, Jesse Peretz, Johan Renck, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott, Jordan Scot, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Joachim Trier*, Henrik Hansen* (Little Minx) Steph Green, H5, Mat Kirkby, Josh Miller, Chris Nelson, Mark Seliger, Malik Hassan Sayeed, Dawn Shadforth, Dana Adam Shapiro, Phil Van, David Mullet* (Special Projects) Andrew Dominik, Kaz Kiriya, Sam Mendes, The Russo Brothers, Kevin Spacey (U.K.) Barney Cokeliss, Laurence Dunmore, Sean Ellis, Brett Foraker, Johnny Hardstaff, Chris Hartwill, Wayne Holloway, Nick Livesey, David Lodge, Adrian Moat, Stuart Rideout, Alex Rutterford, Shynola, Luke Scott, Adam Smith, Alex Smith, Col. Spector, Vernie Young
Principals: Jules Daly, President; Marjie Abrahams, VP/EP; Fran McGivern, Tracie Norfleet, Philip Fox-Mills, Greg Schultz, EPs; Dan Rosenthal, CFO; Rhea Scott, President of Little Minx; Kai Hsiung, M.D. London; Sookie Foster, EP London

The biggest story out of RSA this year has to be the company's Grand Prix sweep at Cannes, which included the Jake Scott-directed HBO Voyeur campaign—which garnered an armload of accolades everywhere from the French fest to D&AD; and Neill Blomkamp's web films for Microsoft's much-ballyhooed Halo 3 push, which gave audiences a glimpse of what could have been had the young director stayed on the video game's feature film. Martin Scorsese's short film Key to Reserva for Freixenet also nabbed a couple silver Lions, a Clio and a One Show win. RSA signed Norwegian director Joachim Trier, whose feature debut Reprise garnered rave reviews upon its release in North America this past spring. Jordan Scott is working on her first feature film, Cracks, starring Eve Green. The shop also took the next step in its 40-year evolution, signing on EP Greg Schultz to set up RSA's branded content division.

Founded 2001
Roster: Jaron Albertin*, Steve Ayson*, Brian Beletic, Adam Berg, Jun Diaz, Filip Engstrom, David Frankham, Nacho Gayan, Guard Brothers, Happy, Neil Harris, Randy Krallman, Martin Krejci, Renny Maslow, Bennett Miller*, Ben Mor, Henry-Alex Rubin, Chris Smith; Snorri Brothers, Stylewar, Jon Watts, Ivan Zacharias
Principals: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, EPs/Partners; Lisa Rich, COO; Allison Kunzman, EP; Laura Thoel, Head of Production; Jeff Miller, Staff Manager; Jen Thomas, Staff Coordinator; Kali Niemann, Staff Coordinator; Gisela Knijnenburg, Head of Sales; Erin Lennox, Press Coordinator; Brent Novick, West Coast Sales; Chris Lind, CFO

Smuggler stood at the forefront of creative experimentation, with major moves from talents like Henry-Alex Ruben, who kept BK in pop culture buzz on the multi-awarded Whopper Freakout. Happy bounced back on the scene with spots for BK and pinball action for Mini, while Randy Krallman remained as twisted as ever, going from Axe's "Naughty2Nice" to a touching short film about a sneaks-wearing seeing eye horse for eBay, which screened at Sundance. He also ushered in a new era of E*Trade silliness with a money-talking baby, made oddly appealing by Krallman's own snarky V.O.s. Also for eBay, Jun Diaz shot his own Ninja-themed short and Rene Maslow told a heartfelt tale of mattress salesman love. David Frankham's storytelling reached a highpoint on a pair of touching spots for Citicard, after which he made an indelible viral mark via an Alien-inspired microwave moment for TracFone. The shop also developed more big screen sheen adding former Hungry Man Bennett Miller, director of the Oscar-winning Capote.

Sonny London
Founded 2007
Roster: Fredrik Bond, Emil Moller, Rane Tiukkanen*, Jeff Labbe*, Tomas Jonsgarden*, Jeff Thomas*, Guy Manwaring
Pricipals: Helen Kenny, MD/EP/Co-Founder; Fredrik Bond, Director/Co-Founder; Gabi Kay, EP

Less than two years in existence, Sonny London has cobbled together an impressive body of work from a diverse and talented roster. Front and center this year is Fredrik Bond, whose award-winning directorial work for Carling put a welcome spin on the traditional buddy beer spot. Bond also made a time- consuming production process for Brylcreem co-ordinate perfectly in Effortless. Newcomer Guy Manwaring arrived with an already impressive resume and has added his talents to creative new work for Knife Crime Prevention and Scottish Road Safety. Likewise, former creative Jeff Labbe has impressed with BBC's TV Goes Cinematic and Levi's Secrets & Lies, while Jeff Thomas turned heads with his Cattle Market spot for Amnesty International.

Station Film
Founded 2008
Directors: Allen Coulter, Brendan Gibbons, David Gray, Harold Einstein, James Lima, Jelle, Owen Harris, Southpaw, Steven Klein, Vance Malone
Principals: Stephen Orent, Managing Partner; Michael DiGirolamo, Tom Rossano, Caroline Gibney, Partners/EPs; Adam Lyne, Managing Partner-London; Debbie Ninnis, Head of Production/London; Nicole Sciarrillo, East Coast Sales

In just six short months, new production company Station Film shot up straight to the A-List, thanks to its well-seasoned founders and budding talents like former creative Harold Einstein, who shot Gerry Graf's Gold Lion winning Saatchi debut campaign for Crest, featuring smiles so grand they make even the worst news sound good; and David Gray's controversial Heinz Deli Server Mum spot out of AMV BBDO, in which a deli counter guy serves up sandwiches for his kids, and a kiss for his spouse, who happens to be a man. Station is also set to carve out a well-rounded space in the new ad world, having signed talents like creative trio Southpaw, who will be heading up its digital content initiative, and James Lima, the director who helped to bring illustrator James Jean's gorgeous images to life for Prada's Trembled Blossoms.

Founded 1998
Roster: Adam Berg, Arno Salters, Ben Dawkins, Darkfibre, Filip Engstrom, Hobby, Ivan Zacharias, James Brown, Lionel Goldsten, Martin Krejci, Nacho Gayan, Ne-O, Neil Harris, Psyop, Stylewar, Warren and Nick; Stink Digital
Principals: (London) Daniel Bergman, MD/EP; Blake Powell, EP; (Paris) Sylvaine Mella, EP; Greg Panteix, EP; (Berlin) Nils Schwemer, EP; Jan Dressler, Head of Production; (Long Format) Robert Herman, Producer; Naomi Telford, Head of Development; (Digital) Mark Pytlik, Head of Digital

Daniel Bergman and troops left another trail of noteworthy work this year. Ivan Zacharias made an appearance with an EMT-driven comedy of errors, for Central Beheer. The shop also coproduced major Psyop international projects like Orangina and the Adidas Olympics film campaign. Speaking of sportswear, Martin Krejci turned back the time on the three-striped brand to when it was just an idea of the founder Adi Dassler, and took a more serious tone to shoot troops in action for the Royal Marines. Belgian duo Lionel Goldstein were up to kooky stunts for Nissan/ Qashqai, featuring a crazy dog driver, and digitally speaking, Stink teamed with Grey London on fanciful shorts for Mastercard.

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