Stuart Outhwaite and Ben Middleton

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Stuart Outhwaite and Ben Middleton
Stuart Outhwaite and Ben Middleton

Hometown: (Outhwaite, pictured right) Rutland (smallest county in England, famous for Pork Pies and Stilton); (Middleton, pictured left) Chertsey (famous for very little/nothing/nice roundabouts?).
Previous Jobs: Just six years at Mother (we're beautifully blinkered). Studied Graphics and Advertising at Bucks University before that.
Recent Projects: PG Tips "Breakfast," Pot Noodle campaign, Four Feet From A Rat, Losers 2008 Sticker Book.
Career Landmarks: We landed on our feet in our first year when we got to make Observer "Abba to Zappa" and have been doing our best to repeat it since.

What was your biggest challenge in the last year?
We've spent a lot of the last year well out of our comfort zone, making dalliances into the worlds of musical theater, comic books and the like. What we don't know about these disciplines could be written on the back of ten thousand postcards, so dipping our toe into these unchartered waters was always going to be a big challenge. So we did what anyone with half a brain would do and cheated. We made friends with people who did know about these things, such as theater directors and comic book publishers, invited them on board, and developed the projects with them. On top of this we worked alongside other brilliant creatives here at Mother (Damien Eley, Scott Harris, Ed Warren on "Pot Noodle The Musical" and Ben Mooge and Ed Warren on "Four Feet from a Rat"). We'd be strung up by the lads if we tried to take all the credit for this work, and besides they're all standing over our shoulders as we type this.

What are you looking forward to, work-wise?
We've just shot the latest musical installments in the Pot Noodle campaign with Garth Jennings, which are great. We're moving the Al and Monkey PG Tips campaign into an exciting new area that we're not allowed to talk about. We're in talks with national distributors about Four Feet From a Rat, and we're developing a new animated campaign for a government run energy saving organization. Which are all nice. Plus Mother Vision is just starting to find its feet here. Last year, what with "Pot Noodle: The Musical" and Somers Town, it got off to a flyer. This year things can only get better so we're hoping to hang onto its coat tails.

What are you excited about in the wider world of creativity?
Looking for Eric, Ken Loach's new film staring Eric Cantona. Third season of 30 Rock (we haven't got it over here yet). Up, the new Pixar flick. The Invention of Lying, Ricky Gervais' new film. An iPhone app that will drag Stu away from "Fieldrunners"... fucking "Fieldrunners." Umm? ... starting to struggle now. I guess we should put something about the Internet in this bit right? Er, Facebook 2.0 (does that even exist?).
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