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Twitter Lights Up Over CES Blackout

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#cesblackout Credit: @JascoProducts via Twitter

It was a dark, dark day at CES.

The global stage for innovation, in a massive display of irony, experienced a power outage on Wednesday, the show's second day, throwing parts of the Las Vegas Convention Center into the dark and emptying booths and halls.

Multiple reports noted the outage hit around 11:15 PT. Conference organizers soon confirmed the incident on Twitter and expressed appreciation for attendees' patience until the problem could be resolved.

In the meantime, Twitter lit up as people posted their reactions.

A few posts joked about voice control technology (hey techies, at least you're years beyond clap-on, clap-off jokes).

Intel found a way to make a funny...

... while Energizer kept on going.

Some wondered what Oreo, which famously tweeted a joke about dunking in the dark when the lights went down during the 2013 Super Bowl, was up to.

Maybe some just didn't give Oreo the time it needed, because Oreo came through.

Also, a juggler made a moment of it. (Because, Las Vegas?) Which was entertaining. If you like juggling.

And kudos to this tweet, which combines stripper robots and the blackout.

Rest assured, Nevada Power got things up and running.

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