A Picture is Worth a Billion Engagements: Capturing Consumer Attention In Line with Images and Content

Free Webcast: June 4, 2014 at 2:00 PM ET

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Today's hyper-connected consumers demand authenticity and meaningful connections with the brands they allow to market to them. Those who earn their respect will enjoy the spoils of their loyalty and social advocacy.

As marketers continue to place a higher priority on connections and engagement over pure tonnage, a new crop of display advertising formats, including in-image advertising, is capturing the attention of brands for their ability to drive higher viewability, engagement and lift in brand metrics than standard display advertising options.

Hear the unique perspectives of two pioneering digital advertising experts as they share insight from their experience building engagement strategies for leading brands, agencies, platforms and publishers.

  • See why images and content are such a powerful driver of consumer attention and how they can be used to drive increases in viewability, engagement and brand metrics.
  • Hear how brands and agencies are thinking about the relationship between programmatic buying and brand engagement.
  • Learn about emerging formats and engagement metrics that will help fuel the next wave of growth in digital advertising.

The Brand Marketer's Guide to In-Image Advertising—sponsored by GumGum
An overview of in-image advertising and how it can be used to reach objectives

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014
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