Not for Me: The Dilemma of Health Inertia -- How Marketers Can Inspire Consumers To Act

Ad Age & Modern Healthcare Custom Webcast: June 6 at 1pm ET

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How can marketers inspire change when change is not perceived as necessary? New proprietary research from Wunderman Health has discovered that a majority of people—regardless of the severity of their conditions—often believe they are healthier than they actually are. This misperception creates a critical challenge.

Today's companies create vast amounts of advertising and content designed to influence new behaviors. However, the Wunderman data shows that while many consumers find educational content "satisfactory," these traditional approaches may not feel personally relevant, ultimately reinforcing a state of inaction, or "health inertia."

This dynamic webinar will share insights on how companies can embrace these new rules of engagement, with experts providing data-driven strategies specifically designed to disrupt health inertia.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2017
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