The New Rules of B2B Lead Nurturing: How to Build Relationships Across Multiple Channels from Website to Social Media

Free Webcast: April 16, 2014 at 2:00 PM ET

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You know who your ideal prospects are. But once you get your brand in front of them, are you able to effectively nurture them, keep them interested, and drive them toward a purchase?

Today's prospective B2B buyers are no longer spending the majority of their time in the email inboxes. Instead, they're doing research on various websites and social networks, leaving it up to marketers to provide the right type of content across a wide range of online channels, and effectively measure their impact according to the right engagement and conversion metrics. Join Jennifer Agustin, senior director of marketing at Bizo as she explores the key elements to engaging, educating, and nurturing B2B prospects throughout the buying process, including:

  • The top-performing content types to drive nurturing and engagement
  • Innovative ways to increase the reach of your B2B content using channels including display advertising, social advertising, and marketing automation
  • How to best measure engagement during the nurturing process

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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