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"Currently, I teach at another ad school, and this school often attempts to replicate the culture of VCU Adcenter. The students at this other school often ask me about Adcenter, and wonder if there is any way to incorporate what I have learned there into his curriculum. Adcenter is where it's at."

"Some of my favorite creatives are Miami Ad School alums."

"The reason we like Creative Circus kids is they think beyond the borders of a print ad or a radio script. They round our ideas; they're smart about client problems."

"Art Center shows us unique work. They're really good at making us say, 'Whoa, OK, I like where that came from. All students need is a creative director and they'll be in good shape.'"

"Although I have been less than wowed by the majority of most graduates' portfolios over the last five years or so, I gave Portfolio Center a good rating because of the exceptional abilities of a handful of individuals over that same time period. "

"It's hard to rate some of the other interesting schools. They're either too new (W+K 12) or in a transitional state (Miami Ad School)."

"I think that one of the advantages of a program like Art Center or Parsons is that in most cases the teachers are actual working professionals. This helps students get better current practical knowledge and skills."

"Brainco has some of the smartest student books I've ever seen. They are strategic and are clearly aware of client problems."

"Fashion Institute of Technology is not one of the top advertising schools, but I do think it's still great. It's undergrad, so the students that go there are younger, on average. It's a state school, so it's cheaper than some of the other universities, but it also means that they have to complete a liberal arts curriculum. FIT is also in New York. They're close to a lot of the top agencies and creatives for internships and feedback."

"During my tenure, I have hired more graduates from SVA than from any other school. The quality of the staff is reflective of the great talent the school produces."

"University of Texas and University of Delaware candidates are extremely impressive because their books, by and large, are very competitive with candidates coming from grad programs."

"Where some schools spend so much time on the visual pun or solution, VCU Adcenter doesn't get caught up in gimmicks or the "what's hot now" executions. They are constantly pushing the envelope creatively by thinking for themselves instead of just a new twist on what's been done."

"Miami Ad School is a fantastic global program. Students come from everywhere and gain real agency experience in shops all around the world. Possessing that global perspective is incredibly valuable, especially in young creatives."

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