The Next Wave: Jeff Gordon, X-Ray

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Jeff Gordon got his first big break on a music video for Reel Big Fish, a clip that put the music off for two minutes with a quirky movie-like intro that entertains on its own. Since then, the director has built up a funnybone of steel with his straightforward storytelling style on commercials for Colorado Lottery, Gold'n Plump chicken and Rhino fishing rods - the latter humorously conveying the relative toughness of the product through offbeat scenarios: "Tough" is a guy gnawing a beer cap off the bottle with his mouth. "Rhino tough" shows a dude twisting it off with his ass. Also a diehard skateboarder and surfer, Gordon easily homes into the devotion of the extreme sports enthusiast in one spot for Polaris, in which a couple dozes soundly through clamorous morning noises like a garbage truck and alarm clock, awakening abruptly to the drop of a snowflake.
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