The Next Wave: Martin Krejci, Dawson Productions

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Although his native Prague is one of the hottest spots for commercials production these days, 24-year-old Martin Krejci had to go outside the country to find interesting work. "I always liked working abroad more than at home," admits the Prague Film Academy grad, who started directing spots three years ago. "I think agencies operating in the Czech Republic are often too scared of their clients and, therefore, unwilling to try something more adventurous." Which is why he had to venture to a Middle East agency for one of the most ambitious projects on his reel. The spot, out of Leo Burnett/Saudi Arabia/Beirut for Fruto juice, shows a soldier dashing for cover in a soot-filled war zone as bombs whistle through the sky. He stops abruptly to avoid a plummeting object, which turns out to be a white Fruto truck that lands safely and speeds away to illustrate the tag, "Make room for Fruto." The rest of Krejci's reel spans the map stylistically and also includes work for T-Mobile, Radegast beer, and a lo-fi spot for IKEA out of Lowe Lintas/Singapore. Before digging into a festive dinner, a family calls upon a young boy to perform his "famous" trick. They wait with bated breath as he yanks the tablecloth, along with the entire feast. "I like the rough documentary-like purity that seems to go against the formal perfectionism that's customary in typical advertising work," he explains. Whatever his approach, "the most important part is to come up with a clever idea," he insists. "Its realization is only a game necessary in order to get the whole thing working - that's what I really enjoy."
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